My name is Paul Hobcraft

Over the last twenty years, much of my research work has taken the broader area of innovation but is as I focus down in specific topic areas the value of innovation truly reveals itself.

Recently I have focused this down increasingly on the Energy Transition the world is undertaking.

Climate change, environmental degradation make solving energy through innovation as a top priority. I want to be part of that through influencing, advocating and shaping solutions

The aim of my work is to connect and inform.

Writing offers perspective and in this knowledge provision, I can provide greater awareness, better understanding or simply an alternative view then I am achieving through a different lens to view the energy world.

I want to is to support the individual, teams, and organizations, in their innovating activity, applying what I have gained in experiences and knowledge, to further develop core innovation understanding, so clients can achieve positive and sustaining results from their innovating activities in different areas of their need.

For me, innovation needs to enter the DNA of our organizations and our own individual make-up. In my writing, I try to offer a range of thoughts on different aspects of innovation to help each of us to understand this subject better in different aspects and applications, in this case accelerating the transformation of our Energy Systems.




Author: @paul4innovating

A transition advocate for innovation, ecosystems, and digitalization for the energy and IIoT systems

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