Continuing my Energy Transition Journey

Yet another one of those most intense periods of researching and then absorbing the material around different energy issues.
Ideas, invention and innovation
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Everywhere you turn, you stumble across reports on one aspect or another of the energy transformation we are undertaking.

I am looking at this energy transition through the eyes of the innovator, as it offers so much in new solutions and designs that any innovator would love to be part of.

My big move this week was to determine my Energy Transition journey

I added my dedicated website on It stays a W-I-P but its role is to keep the offer separated but also be highly support in this posting site as the more dynamic place for breaking news, discoveries and progress and combined they underscore the value position offering.

I am taking on the front end of the energy transition as my advising positioning.

More on that in future posts.

Why make energy my increasing focus?

Energy is tackling one of the world’s toughest tasks, turning our existing energy system, reliant on fossil fuels into one based on renewables, is an enormously complex set of challenges in its goal of decarbonizing it.

There is such an innovation landscape of solutions that are contributing to the world achieving a more renewable-powered future. Technology innovation, suggested new business models, outline proposals for changing policies, processes, and market design all are being “sketched out.”

It is overwhelming, but innovative solutions need to be continuously refreshed to reflect this consistent inflow of understanding, relating to the energy transition that is being undertaken. It is evident innovation must be way broader than just technological RD&D.

During this past week, I have been working through specific aspects of the energy transition model.

Firstly, just take the Grid Edge. The Grid Edge includes the innovative solutions of hardware, software, and business innovation that are enabling smart infrastructure to be installed at or near the “edge” of the electric power grid. So things that you can touch or see, such as solar panels, metering infrastructure, local energy storage systems, smart thermostats, appliances, and building controls, are in Grid Edge Hardware solutions. The software is automating this, more demand-responsive, real-time data, data analytics, and planning systems to extract the value out of the data. Business innovation is turning that knowledge (data) into value for aggregation, trading, and supporting whole communities with managing their energy needs, for example. The Grid Edge solutions are on the rise and that comes from innovation.

My main area of focus was to re-orientate back to innovation and its importance to transforming the energy system.

I spent some time checking back on the tracking of clean energy progress by technology in the different energy sectors or subsectors. These progress report cards come out regularly, but the one I wanted to work through was ones that cdame out some months back, from the OECD, IRENA and IEA.

IEA track in their clean energy report 26 technology classified areas of energy, covering energy supply, energy demand, and energy integration. The approach makes sense as it is the ability to deliver the WHOLE energy system will give us the climate, renewable, and energy transition benefits.

So in tracking the essential technologies within the energy transition, you get a clear sense of our progress or lack of it on a global scale. This 30,000-foot perspective is sometimes sobering to all the activity that seems to be occurring at energy events or within the companies dealing in solutions. Yet the gaps, in reality, need addressing and fast and that is where innovation comes in

There are so many promising technologies lagging the commitments dues to lower funding, more significant technical difficulties, or not being able to be exploited due to political, regulatory, or business constraints. Innovation solutions can only advance so much, but without the political or business will, resources or capital can only progress far slower.

It does seem we do not have the momentum we need to undertake the transformation of our energy systems yet and the value of giving a real intense focus on making the innovation process more robust and dynamic seems to make sense, well for me.

Drawing some interim conclusions

Why innovate energy?

To achieve better, faster and more valuable future solutions with a focus on sustainability, to anticipate constant change and build different more exciting and valuable business models for lasting impact.

I will increasingly focus and operate at the front end of the Energy System.

There is a growing urgency in the innovation scope, pace and direction of changes needed. Our position and value are to underpin and accelerate that journey you are on.

I offer greater knowledge, perspective and activism for delivering innovation having this as my specialised area of consulting, mentoring and coaching for over twenty years..

Partnering in your energy journey: We believe we can offer fresh knowledge, momentum and understanding on what is occurring and needed in the new innovation and technology identification.

Much of my past two years has been intensive on the Energy Transition. Based on research and know-how I believe there is real value to be a partner in building out the future validation of new technology, leading to sustainable change and new growth opportunities through accelerating the innovation focus.

I offer innovating expertise, well positioned at the Front End of the Energy Transition to accelerate your thinking and support the shaping of future opportunities that give growth and impact potential

Time to accelerate my and your energy transition journey I believe.

Author: @paul4innovating

A transition advocate for innovation, ecosystems, and digitalization for the energy and IIoT systems

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