My transformation

Should we allow energy to continue on its current system, reliant on fossil fuels, old, inadequate energy systems, and unreliable infrastructure solutions?  

Or do we finally recognize, power solutions need to change radically into sources of energy, based more on renewables, that provide cleaner, more naturally sustaining environments based on wind, the sun, and natural conversion of water or the increased use of biomass?  

The energy ecosystem is not impacting many; it is affecting us all   We are all impacted. We do need to recognize that the energy transition, as its end product, electricity, is what we all have become highly dependent upon. Electricity is powering and linking into each of our economies, into our societies. Yet we are facing a stark choice for our earth.  

I have been building a blend of services around the Energy Transition.

I recognized the value of innovation within any energy transition, this has become my own transformation in what and where I want to focus:

Opportunities and conceptual change need a focused innovators perspective.   There is a real gap in building a robust innovation capability, capacity, and competency to accelerate the Energy Transition journey to provide the external view.

What is offered: Fresh knowledge and insights that based on in-depth research and know-how, a corporate understanding of over twenty years of advising and transforming innovation activities, providing a great resource to “tap into” from the advisory role, connecting the Energy Transition needs by looking from the Innovators perspective.

To combine with this posting site I have also added a website that provides my service offering, specifically at the front end of the Energy Transition, the place where all new innovation takes shape to begin “it’s” journey to offer new value and impact.  

I am looking for a “combination effect” offering insights, knowledge and services. Energy is transforming, and it is those that build new solutions through innovation that will become the frontrunners. My job is to help them on their way.  

On these two sites you can:


Why energy transition is so important to understand


Search for insights on the different aspects of the energy transition.


Gain your own understanding from these views